Studio Cabo offers you the most flexible solution for adding more space or creating unique amenities with quality prefabricated structures. Studio Cabo can be designed for any activity imaginable and exceeds national building codes.


Studio Cabo offers you limitless possibilities.

Fabrication and Specifications

Built to Last

Studio Cabo’s exterior dimensions were specifically designed to eliminate the requirement of building permits in most municipalities. Your specific zoning laws
may be different so we recommend that
you check with the Permits & Bylaw Departments of your local City Hall.

Pre-designed builds or custom construction

Large selection of doors, windows
and accessories

Made in Quebec

Ships everywhere in Canada

Premium installation options


(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Studio Cabo conforms to the high benchmarks
set by the U.S. Green Building Council for design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings.


All our products exceed National Building Code
of Canada requirements.


All materials, construction and labour are
sourced locally, are environmentally sustainable and provide superior product quality using homegrown expertise and craftsmanship.


Multifunctional modular spaces for your home or cottage.

Now you can add more space and functionality to your home or cottage within weeks of placing your order. Our expert team is available to create the perfect solution for you.

Contact us
for Pricing Details

Here are a few reasons why Studio Cabo may be perfect for you.

Permits/zoning do not allow you to expand your home footprint

Home additions can be very costly and disruptive over a long period of time

Prefab construction offers greater quality and value at a lower cost

You need more space or privacy for your home office but prefer not to commute

You wish to add more functionality around your pool or lakeside

You have a beautiful view from your property that you want to take
advantage of

You want to be closer to nature

4-6 week turnaround from order to delivery



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Artistic renderings for illustration purposes only. The materials and features depicted are based on conceptual plans and are subject to change without notice.

Sizes and Colour Schemes

Classic 118

Interior - 14’ 8” x 8’ x 8’
Exterior - 16’ x 9’ x 9’ 9”
Starting at $26,000

Classic 102

Interior - 12’ 8” x 8’ x 8’
Exterior - 14’ x 9’ x 9’ 9”
Starting at $24,000

Classic 86

Interior - 10’ 8” x 8’ x 8’
Exterior - 12’ x 9’ x 9’ 9”
Starting at $22,000




If you are looking to create a custom or larger size structure to meet your specific needs, our team can design whatever you have in mind.





Take full advantage of your summers by playing more in the outdoors with a backyard fitness or entertainment space.

Imagine the possibilities!


Expand and enhance your chalet’s living or working space without the high cost of adding extra rooms to your existing structure.

Home Office

Avoid day-to-day distractions and be more productive in your home office.


Create your own Nordic spa experience that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Cabo Casa

Modular micro homes, custom built and ready in 8 to 12 weeks.


Studio Cabo creates innovative commercial solutions

It has become more important than ever for brands to be where consumers are, and want to be.
Providing your customers with unique, delightful experiences lets them know that your brand isn’t satisfied
with simply offering the status quo, but passionate about pursuing new ways to enrich their lives. Our solutions
in the hospitality, retail and events categories give your brands and products a new way to interact with your
existing customers and potential clients.

Cabo Promo

Stop spending thousands and thousands in construction for temporary sales centres!

Hotel and Hospitality

Add sophistication to the resort experience with our luxury cabanas or any other outdoor amenity you can imagine.


Whether it’s a café, bar, hotdog stand, or kiosk, Studio Cabo can deliver a unique pop up module ready for sales and service!

Events and Sponsors

Create a branded space wherever you need it. Compact and standalone, Studio Cabo allows you to bring your brand to the people.

Studio Cabo Mobo

Hit the road with your brand and offer your customers unique experiences at festivals and events.

From order to installation, our 4-step process makes it easy.






Make an appointment
to discuss which Studio Cabo is right
for you.


Complete the proposal document with one of our experts to include all the options and accessories you are looking for.


Prefabrication will
 take 4 to 6 weeks depending on the model and accessories chosen.


Once your location has been prepared, your new Studio Cabo can be installed in a few hours.

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